About Ives EEG Solutions

OUR MISSION is to provide effective and efficient solutions in the field of EEG for clinicians, researchers, EEG Technologists and veterinary centers.

IVES designs and builds medical devices to permit clinicians and researchers to better diagnose and treat their patients. We are constantly exploring, and researching new techniques in the EEG field. Strong working relationships with our customers, and constant improvements to our product are values we put first. We continue to listen to our customers and EEG Technicians around the world to offer the best product and solution we can. Our vision is to help advance EEG in every ICU and EMU around the globe.

Ives EEG Solutions was founded in 1995, developing both proprietary and OEM products for both EEG and Sleep. In 2001 we recognized the need for MR Conditional electrodes for cEEG/ICU and LTM/EMU, and changed our primary focus toward developing and manufacturing our proprietary MR Conditional Electrode System to address this demand. The Ives Electrode System is FDA approved, and we are pleased to be able to offer fully customized solutions to each institution.

Values we live by:
      • Teamwork     • Perseverance       • Positivity     • Innovation      • Sincerity