Ives Conductive Plastic Electrode (CPE)

Ives CPE

Conductive Plastic Electrodes are reusable, composed of silver-silver/chloride impregnated plastic, with an adapter and harness.

Ives Gold Cup Electrode

Ives GCE

High quality metal cup EEG electrode for LTM recording in the EMU, they are MR Conditional (See FAQ).

Ives Disposable CPE


These electrodes offer the same recording quality as the standard reusable Ives CPE, but are designed for single patient use.

Ives Subdermal Wire Electrode (SWE)

Ives SWE

A new, unique, chronic EEG electrode specifically designed for use on comatose patients during cEEG recording in the ICU.

Ives Electrode Harness

Ives Harness

The harness matches the electrode array. This connects the EEG electrodes to the head-box of any EEG machine via individual “touch-proof” connectors.

Ives SWE Adapter

Ives SWE Adapter

An Adapter is used to connect from the individually placed SWEs to the Harness.